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We are a travel couple based in Sydney, Australia who are experienced in photography, videography and content creation. We specialise in short-form video content, video transitions and drone videography. We are passionate about travel & fitness but we are always open to discussing other opportunities!

Let us help you take your content to the next level! We provide unique and authentic content that will be sure to stop the scroll and keep your audience engaged!

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Hotels & airbnbs

property tours

Aesthetically pleasing content to capture the main highlights of you property.

Couples getaways

Authentic content to show other couple's how they can enjoy their stay!


Unique transitions to stop the scroll and keep viewers engaged!



Creative transitions and short-form videos to capture attention and inspire viewers.


Unique and authentic content that sparks viewers interest and increases engagement.

drone footage

Creative content to capture destinations and experiences from a new perspectives!

Our services

UGC Video content

1 UGC Video $150 AUD (1 hook, 1 CTA)

3 UGC Videos $400 AUD (1 hook, 1 CTA)

5 UGC Videos $500 AUD (1 hook, 1 CTA)

Video content creation 15-30 seconds, vertical format (9:16)

UGC Photography

3 UGC Photos $100

5 UGC Photos $250

Add ons

Raw footage - 50% purchase price

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